Corporate Profile

Our focus is on specialty segments in india and simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad will help us achieve a niche in global pharmaceutical arena.

Manheal has done grown more than the expectation in past and at present stage. As on today, Manheal Pharmaceuticals is also doing business on PCD basis and through Franchisee network. Manheal has the field staff which is working locally and in different states of India viz. Uttar Pradesh, Orrisa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttaranchal, and Gujarat.

We are firmly establishing our brands in each market for sustained growth. Manheal Pharmaceuticals has established strong capability of providing latest formulations & will always be one step ahead. Manheal is committed to providing new innovative and cost effective products.

The company is backed by a team of Professional’s takes complete responsibilities and dedication in Human health care. We provide health care solutions in various therapeutic segments with specialized focus on Analgesics, antibiotic & anti-Infective, Anticold & Antialleric and anti-psychotic Drugs, Cardiovascular drugs and Anti-diabetic drugs. Apart from these, our range also includes Gastro & Antiemetics & Anti-Ulcerant, Haematirics, Hormones, Neurology supplements and Nutritional supplements.

The journey is far from over. But if our yesterday is any indication, tomorrow will not be just another day. It will be another milestone.